Untitled – The Summer Show

This  online exhibition brings together a loose collection of images, connected by nothing more than the fact they they were made in the past 4-5 months. There is nothing in particular that holds these disparate images together. I simply asked my artists to send me pictures that they had made during this time, with the assumption that somewhere in the pictures, either directly or indirectly, there would be some indication of, or subtle response to, the difficult times we are living through. Some sent me pictures, some didn’t. Some included considerable text, some a few lines. And I decided to just let it be and to share the work in this rather raw way.

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Introducing Barbara Bosworth

I am thrilled to announce representation of Barbara Bosworth, one of the premier, fine art, landscape photographers of our time. Bosworth’s work has been widely exhibited, notably in recent retrospectives at the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., and the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona. Her publications include, The Heavens (Radius Books, 2018), The Meadow (Radius Books, 2015), Natural Histories (Radius Books, 2013), Trees: National Champions (MIT Press; Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, 2005) and Chasing the Light (Nightwood Press, 2002).

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